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May 21, 2009

WASHINGTON—The Copyright Alliance today launched the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation (, a new non-profit charitable arm of the Alliance that will develop educational programs aimed at helping America’s next generation of creators succeed.

      The Foundation announced its first projects, already underway: development and distribution of a copyright curriculum for educators; and a partnership with the West Potomac Academy of Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, to refine Alliance curriculum materials and supplement them with information important to arts education.

      “Our nation has reaped the rewards both culturally and economically of the principle and practice of copyright,” said Patrick Ross, Copyright Alliance Executive Director. “This system has served us well for centuries - so much so, that it has become an invisible underpinning in our country’s prosperity. Now, as a new generation of creators populates today’s classrooms, we must ensure that principle is not taken for granted and continues to be a foundation for creative success.”

      Ross will serve as the Foundation’s Chairman of the Board. Serving as Executive Director will be Gayle Osterberg, who helped establish the Alliance and has managed public relations and education projects for the Alliance since its inception.

      The Foundation will develop and implement educational projects designed to meet two goals. 1) Help maintain a copyright-aware environment in the nation’s classrooms to ensure creators’ long-term ability to thrive. 2) Provide educational resources to future creators.

      The Alliance has developed a pilot curriculum for teachers, “Think First, Copy Later”, a comprehensive multi-faceted program designed to help librarians and media specialists answer questions and provide information about copyright in the classroom to other educators. The materials were distributed to 5,000 librarians and media specialists this spring to gauge usefulness.

      Schools including West Potomac Academy will provide more detailed insights and feedback to the curriculum, which in development during the last year with Young Minds Inspired and its panel of educator advisors. The Alliance will distribute the materials more broadly prior to the 2009-2010 school year.

      “Initial feedback from educators has been extremely positive and has confirmed our belief that these types of resources will be useful and informative to educators in all grades and across a range of disciplines,” Ross said. “Working directly with arts educators at West Potomac, which will serve on the Foundation’s board, will help make the program even more robust and relevant to the classroom. We anticipate forming direct partnerships with more individual schools and school districts in the weeks and months to come.” 

View the Programs for Educators Fact Sheet.


Who we are

The Copyright Alliance Education Foundation is the 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable arm of the Copyright Alliance dedicated to developing educational programs aimed at helping America's next generation of creators succeed.

what teachers are saying
"I like your materials and your website and am using them to teach my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about copyright issues." M. S., Silverthorne Elementary, Silverthorne, CO
"I've been waiting/searching for a resource. This is great!" G.D., Highland Elementary, Owensboro
"This will be beneficial to our staff. Plan to present it in our next in-service in February." S.F., Kankakee Valley Intermediate, Wheatfield, IN
"Will use in the future. We have a copyright workshop for staff coming up." L.M., Maple Ave. Elementary, Goffstown, NH


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